All users banned from our Gameservers will be posted here, along with the reason for the ban.
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Post by Sp00neY » Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:18 pm

Name: Lars
Server: Epoch Chernarus
Date: 01-04-2017
Time: 19:42:46
Banned by: Sp00neY
Reason for Ban: Hacking
Ban Duration: Permaban
Proof / Logfile:

Code: Select all

01-04-2017 19:42:46 | Lars (76561198085184432) | BadSize: ["Land_Farm_Cowshed_a","Land_Farm_Cowshed_b","Land_Farm_Cowshed_c","Land_HouseV2_02_Interier","Land_Church_02","Land_HouseV2_03B","Land_HouseV2_01B","Land_HouseV2_04_interier","c_grasstall"] - Plants and/or Clutter pbo(s) removed..!   |Instance: 11 - ArmA2OA163131129 - 05-Mar-2017 20-22-53-v1437
Comments: Yet another asshat caught !!

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